Paul Pogba and Juventus have not spoken for more than a week.

The dialogue around Paul Pogba’s relationship with Juventus has been markedly silent.

Juventus offer Paul Pogba £135,000-a-week deal in bid to re-sign midfielder  from Manchester United | Daily Mail Online

Paul Pogba’s relationship with Juventus has been marked by a notable lack of communication ever since rumours about the midfielder’s purportedly negative drug test first arose. Their relationship now feels shaky as a result of the circumstance.

According to reports, Pogba provided information on a substance he may have consumed that included an illegal chemical. It appears that the club was not made aware of or cleared by Juventus regarding his use of this chemical.Paul Pogba injury: Will new Juventus signing miss World Cup 2022? |

Juventus seems to be bracing for the worst but still holding out hope for a better conclusion in the face of this circumstance. Pogba has taken the initiative to ask for a counter-analysis, which will happen the following month. Juventus is looking into opportunities to find replacements for the midfielders they currently have.

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