The club president of Aston Villa reveals the transfer clause as he makes’more’ deals seem imminent.

The vice-chairman of Hull City discloses information about the Jaden Philogene trade and makes hints about upcoming transfers to Aston Villa.

Aston Villa recruitment chief explains decision to sell Jaden Philogene to Hull  City - Hull Live

For £15 million, Aston Villa may purchase Jaden Philogene back from Hull City if his new team is promoted to the Premier League.

During the summer transfer window, Villa transferred the 21-year-old to Hull for £5 million and included a buy-back clause in the agreement. Tan Kesler, the East Yorkshire club’s vice-chairman, has since verified the details of that arrangement.

He has assured our Hull Live colleagues that if the two teams end up in the same division, Villa will have the first option to repurchase him. According to Kesler, Villa have the right to repurchase him for £15 million if we are promoted (to the Premier League).

Hull City complete Jaden Philogene signing as winger arrives in big money  deal from Aston Villa - Hull Live

“Having said that, if we receive another offer worth more than £15 million, we would be free to discuss it. It’s not like we have to sell to Villa, but it is part of our agreement that they have the first option.

“That’s how Keinan Davis was going to come,” the coach said. “And in the future, you might see more players coming in – from Roma, more from Villa, we’re in the process of establishing more relationships – like this to help us get to promotion level.”

Kesler described his reasoning for accepting a buy-back as being “very straightforward. Both a negative and a highly favorable interpretation can be made of the buy-back clause.

If the player is yours and you believe you don’t have the right to manage it entirely (via the contract), you can also consider being able to acquire such a skilled player you create a win-win situation, and share some rights so that you can complete the task and outperform the competition.

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