Washington Post calls its own poll showing Trump beating Biden by 10 points an ‘outlier’

The former president and President Biden were close in other recent polls.

The Post labeled an ABC/Washington Post poll that put former President Trump 10 points ahead of current President Biden among registered voters as a “outlier” on Sunday.

Some others slammed the Post and said that they were disregarding the Sunday poll because it was so unflattering to the president.

“At this early juncture in the election cycle, the Post-ABC poll shows Biden trailing Trump by 10 percentage points; yet, this large margin of Trump’s lead is dramatically at odds with other public polls, which depict the general election race as a near tie. The Washington Post’s analysis of the poll stated, “The differences between this poll and others, as well as the peculiar composition of Trump’s and Biden’s coalitions in this survey, suggest it is probably an aberration.

However, the publication on their findings by ABC News did not imply that it was an anomaly.

According to a Sunday NBC News poll, the two would have a 46% to 46% tie in a potential rematch.

Other recent polls from the past few months also indicated a draw between the two in a potential rematch.

According to ABC News, Trump’s support in a potential rematch would not have significantly increased since the previous ABC/Washington Post survey.

In a hypothetical contest in November 2024, Trump would receive 51% of the vote while Biden would receive 42%. These numbers represent numerical increases of 3 points for Trump and decreases of 2 points for Biden from an ABC/Post survey conducted in February, according to the ABC report. Even less has changed since the most recent ABC/Post survey from May, which put the race at 49-42% (again, using a different but related question wording), said the author. Even so, a detailed examination is necessary because Trump is just barely ahead of 50% and other polls indicate a tighter race.

The survey, according to FOX News contributor Joe Concha, is being “dismissed” by the media, and he speculated that if other polls show Trump leading, calls for President Biden to withdraw from the race may grow.

According to Byron York of the Washington Examiner, the Post focused only on “headline news from its own poll.”

Others acknowledged that the survey might be an anomaly, but they criticized the Post for ignoring their own findings and supposedly not doing so for other polls with comparable results.

“WaPo’s subhead implies that its own poll might be an anomaly. That may be the case, but three years ago, when they published a Wisconsin poll just before the 2020 election that showed Biden leading Trump by 17 points, 10 points more than the average of other polls at the time, they did not include any disclaimers in the headline.

The poll also revealed that 37% of people approved of President Biden overall. The lowest moment in his presidency, with a 30% approval rating for his management of the economy,

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