Regarding the contentious Leicester City vs. Bristol City event, Gary Lineker and Alan Shearer are in agreement.

There was a memorable moment during Bristol City’s 1-0 loss against Leicester City at the King Power Arena.

Alan Shearer and Gary Lineker from Match of the Day have commented on Jamie Vardy’s celebration against Bristol City.

After successfully converting his penalty in the 67th minute, the Leicester City striker raced the entire length of the field and towards the opposing fans to celebrate.

Throughout the game, Jamie Vardy had endured taunts from Robins fans who yelled, “Your wife is a grass, Jamie Vardy.”

Vardy went through a similar experience in February when Manchester United defeated the Foxes 3-0, and now two former England strikers have spoken out about what happened on Saturday.

On his The Rest is Football Podcast, Lineker, a supporter of the Foxes, chose Jamie Vardy as the moment of the week. “I know I’m a little bit biased, but I’m going to go with Jamie Vardy,” he added.

Did you notice? He converted a penalty for Leicester, who went on to win 1-0 and top the Championship. I must say, the Championship is a lot of fun.

I consider his wife when he says, “He scored the goal and he’s definitely getting a little of flak from the Bristol fans.

“Every Leicester game I’ve attended has seen him run, something akin to (Emmanuel) Adebayor, from the opposing fans.

“He went the entire length of the field and distributed it to the traveling Bristol City fans. It’s Jamie Vardy as usual.

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