26-year-old still has huge potential at Tottenham, he can be a star under Postecoglou

Richarlison of Tottenham Hotspur is poised to start realizing his immense potential under his new manager, Ange Postecoglou.

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That follows Richarlison’s stunning effort against Liverpool on Sunday.

Richarlison, although not scoring, gave Son Heung-Min a wonderful assist and caused Joe Gomez a lot of trouble.

Under Ange, the Brazilian has been in and out of the team and is obviously having confidence problems.

But on Saturday, the forward made it plain what he can still bring to this Tottenham enterprise.

Richarlison, 26, still has the ability to develop into a top-tier player for Tottenham, whether he plays in the center or out wide.

Richarlison has consistently been chosen because he has consistently demonstrated his talent on the highest platform for Brazil.

Although he can be annoying at times, the forward has the star quality, and he should soon regain his consistency.

Although Richarlison lacks the poise he displayed in front of goal against Watford and Everton, it will eventually return.

Richarlison has the most potential of any Tottenham player.
Of course, the actual game may be Richarlison’s hardest challenge.

Postecoglou has spent £48 million on Brennan Johnson, despite the fact that he appears to be eager to give the Brazilian a fair shot.

Additionally, ‘frustrated’ Richarlison will have to share his opportunities with fellow newcomer Manor Solomon.

If Tottenham played a lot of games this season, it wouldn’t be a problem.

The North London calendar is sparse this year, though, due to an early EFL Cup departure and the absence of European football.

Richarlison does appear to require a certain amount of confidence and stability in his Tottenham team in order to regain his calmness and reach his full potential.

Just take a glance at Saturday to see that Richarlison is by no means a lost cause at Tottenham.

However, a few people could have missed how much the Brazilian still has to offer.

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