He has the ability to transform Nottingham Forest’s defense and win the Champions League.

On the most recent episode of the Garibaldi Red podcast, Murillo fantastic Premier League debut against Brentford was covered.

Despite the abundance of defensive alternatives available to Nottingham Forest, newcomer Murillo could have leapt the line with his strong debut performance against Brentford.

The 21-year-old Brazilian, who was selected for his first game since leaving Corinthians, excelled after a shaky start at the City Ground. Guy Moussi, a former Reds midfielder who attended the game, was delighted by Murillo’s passing, particularly after the latter had often turned the ball over at the beginning of the contest.

“It’s the first time I’ve seen him play. He gave the ball away but what I liked was his composure. It’s easy to come into a game, have the ball and kick it forwards. What I liked was that he tried to find the right angle and the right passes to help us play at home,” he told the latest Garibaldi Red podcast.

“You want to have the ball at home and you can see he was really calm and tried to find the right ball to help us build from the back. That was really good.

“I was impressed because he’s young, he’s 21, but his composure and the way he wanted to play forwards with the right pass, not kick it forwards under pressure – it’s easy to do this.

I don’t want to sound like a Brentford fan, but his pass completion rate was 83 percent and he tried to play the ball, so I was impressed.

“I hope he’s someone that in a couple of years the top four are baying for him. I hope we have an exciting couple of years at least with a player of his quality. He’s one our scouting network has found again.

“For years we didn’t have a look in that direction but now we’re finding gems. Players like Worrall will get chances due to injuries but Boly and Murillo looked very good.”

However, given how effective Murillo was on the ball against Brentford, host Matt Davies thinks Worrall would find it difficult to make the team.

He stated, “I believe Worrall will struggle to go back into a back four. “He’s the passer, so in some games I would have started him ahead of Boly, but if Murillo can pass it and Boly defends like he does, then that’s a good pairing,” said the coach. Boly was my Sunday game-winning player.

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