34-year-old Liverpool top player now admits why he never really wanted to join the team.

According to Andy Carroll, he never wanted to move from Newcastle United to Liverpool.

Liverpool news: Andy Carroll admits he only knew two Reds players when he  first moved to Anfield from Newcastle United in 2011 | Goal.com Tanzania


On the final day of the 2011 January transfer window, Carroll joined the Reds for a record-breaking £35 million fee, setting a new club record.

It never really worked out for Carroll at Liverpool, despite hopes that he could create a lethal pairing with Luis Suarez, who signed on the same day. The 34-year-old has now provided a hint as to why, telling L’Equipe in France that he didn’t really want to be at Anfield at all.

The former England striker claims, “I found myself aboard a helicopter, without really understanding why, from the moment Liverpool made this extraordinary bid on deadline day.

I recall wishing to fail my medical as I felt hurt.
There were some positive aspects for Carroll, though, and to be fair to him, he does go on to say that the decision turned out to be overall beneficial for him.

“This [joining Liverpool] helped me grow up by taking me out of my comfort zone,” the man said. “Because other than Newcastle, I knew nothing about life or football.”

Carroll acknowledges Liverpool’s hesitation
Carroll now plays for Amiens in the French second tier, in case anyone is wondering why the former Reds No. 9 is speaking to L’Equipe of all publications.

Since moving to Anfield 12 years ago, Carroll’s life has essentially just gone south.

After leaving Liverpool barely 18 months after joining, he had a solid six years at West Ham United.

However, the huge, ponytailed hitman was often unable to regain the form that inspired the Reds to invest a lot of money on him.

Carroll’s failure at Liverpool is easy to understand in light of his comments made here. Of course, leaving Newcastle must have been difficult for him. But for any player, the opportunity to play for the Reds was still a tremendous one.

He had the chance to team up with Suarez, one of the best players of his time, but he chose not to take it.

It would be intriguing to learn what Carroll might have done differently if she could go back in time. But for now, we wish him well on his new endeavor in France. Even the recalcitrant Reds are subject to the adage “once a Red, always a Red.”

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