Just Now News: Newcastle United is currently comfortable at the top of the table.

Newcastle United demonstrated their mettle by defeating PSG 4-1 in the Champions League.

Key areas Eddie Howe's Newcastle United have improved since Magpies  takeover - Chronicle Live

The red smoke of a flare started to drift through Grainger Street in Newcastle. The Ultras of Paris St. Germain marched up to St. James’ Park as the drums beat and the arms were raised.

They advanced purposefully past Grey’s Monument and up Blackett Street toward the renowned cathedral perched on the hill, flanked by officers.

The legendary PSG Ultras tried to build the mood for Newcastle United’s first home Champions League match in 21 years with singing, some foul language, and lots of waving. Toon supporters flooded the streets in an effort to educate their out-of-town counterparts about the Blaydon Races or Eddie Howe’s Black and White Army. Yes, feisty. Boisterous, yes, but for the most part, everyone was happy.

On Wednesday, United, however, did not attend the party; instead, they hosted it. Most people would be alarmed by the PSG fans’ march through the city, many of whom were wearing black. Standing amidst it all, it was as fascinating as it was ominous.

However, United supporters in their city did not give an inch to anyone. The phrase “12th man” is overused and has become somewhat of a cliché in the world of sports, but no one should undervalue the contribution that United fans made to what ultimately became a historic 4-1 victory over PSG.

Those who wore black and white within St. James’ Park succeeded where the Ultra’s failed in their attempt to set the mood. In fact, the PSG supporters may have only fueled a fire that was already blazing among the Toon supporters.

PSG is accustomed to playing in hostile environments, but it’s possible they were unaware of what was on offer in Tyneside. When you entered an empty stadium, saw the black and white flags spanning all four stands, and saw the greats of this great club taking it all in, you could feel the excitement building up before the game.

The noise level increased as kickoff drew near and images of the players in the tunnel were shown on the screen. However, unlike in the Carabao Cup Final from the previous season, both United players and supporters were at ease in their surroundings. thought they belonged.

Newcastle may have benefited from playing their first game of the tournament away from home since it gave them time to settle in and feel comfortable playing against such talented competition. The first one was always going to be the hardest, much like the Carabao Cup Final, which was such a fixture after being away from the field for so long.

But after it was over, United could confidently invite PSG to St. James’ Park. The United team should be feared, and that terror will be felt in Milan as well as Dortmund. Their home record, present form, and team chemistry are more than enough tools to turn the tables. The Champions League simply does not produce outcomes like those from Wednesday night.

Every clearance was hailed, and every tackle was applauded. Some may find this weird, but it was a potent weapon that improved the bond between the fans and the team.

Newcastle may become a force to be reckoned with if they can take advantage of the fact that United have a support base that is as devoted as they come and that they are now confident in themselves and accepting that they belong where they are.

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