Good News: Challenging week came to an end with a…………..

A contentious and challenging week came to an odd calm over Celtic.

With Three Weeks Of The Window Left, It's Amazing How Calm Things At Celtic  Are. | The Celtic Blog

The Green Brigade banner from last Saturday and what it meant dominated the first half of the week. I felt as though I had not written anything else for days. It was such a relief to have football-related stories to write.

Weeks spent abroad are usually a nightmare.

I anticipate that this week will fly by quickly and that Tynecastle will be among us soon. That is a very large game. The thought of us releasing anything has both our competitors and adversaries salivating. Over the prospect this morning, Kevins was peeing in his trousers.

Numerous them are. Many of them don’t think we’ll learn anything from that match, and the game against Hibs right after is another one that might go south.

When we left Easter Road, the jerk in The Sunday Mail had cut our lead to just one point. It’s incredible how easily their imaginations wander when they talk about our club.

The media made attempts to get Abada to resign last week as well.

It’s a good thing he won’t be healthy for a few more weeks because by the time he is, the Green Brigade saga will be over and he can resume playing for the team.

The trolls also made fun of our man Alastair Johnston for a terrible tackle and giving up a goal.

Honours Even As Alistair Johnston Shines In Celtic Debut - 13th Man Sports

Despite everything, Celtic closed the week in a relaxed and peaceful mood. Even though there isn’t much news or controversy, I enjoy it when our club is low-key and peaceful. I should adore both of those things if I were in your position, but I much like it this way.

Parkhead is a secure place. Everything is calm and peaceful.

The Green Brigade’s open provocation has received no response from the board. They have handled the situation admirably.

We’re in a terrific position as a result, and even though Rodgers will face a barrage of irrelevant questions from the media when he appears before them, we as a team are solely focused on that upcoming game.

So, despite everything that is going on in Parkhead, there is nothing to worry about as the weekend approaches.

The city is under pressure, and they are all to be found with them. They’ll probably get the New Boss Bounce, and everyone who appreciates unbiased reporting will dread this week. Yet it will pass swiftly.

The manager must make some important choices regarding the weekend, but as of now, I am unable to look past starting Palma and Scales, among other people.

Is Maeda healthy? We’ll find out, but even if he isn’t, we have a large squad, and Palma is doing so well right now, so we’re covered on the left. Yang can easily join Forrest in their game. The group will be prepared.

Daizen Maeda's Champions League admission as he says he never watched  football in Japan - Football Scotland

We always are, regardless of the hoopla and excitement elsewhere.


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