The Boston Celtics have an important need…………

The Boston Celtics would have the ideal reunion with rival’s irate veteran.

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Since joining the Boston Celtics at the trade deadline in 2021, Evan Fournier has been extremely dissatisfied with his time in New York. He has regularly expressed his unhappiness with his lack of playing time.

Fournier has made criticisms of his employers when he has lived in New York City.

According to Fournier, “I might be dreaming of stuff, but I can help the team” (h/t New York Post). As if I’m a skilled gamer. I am able to play. I also bring items that are lacking from this team. To be honest, I’m hoping to play. I’m hoping to play. I could be crazy; I’m not sure. Though it’s possible that Thibs has already decided on other things, my intention is to force him to consider playing me.

Evan Fournier says he's 'able to do a lot of things,' and the Celtics need  him to do exactly that - The Boston Globe

During the 2022–23 season, Fournier expressed his desire to be traded from his present team once more.

According to Fournier, “it would be a disaster for my career basketball-wise if I stayed” (h/t New York Post). “I could get by without playing for a year. Two, that would not be good.

It’s clear at this point that Fournier wants to leave New York, and a trade for Fournier would be ideal for the Boston Celtics, who desperately need one.

The Boston Celtics have an important need filled by Evan Fournier.
Fournier has shown to be a very effective attacking option throughout his career. He can step straight in and aid the Boston Celtics more with three-point shooting, just like he did in the 2020–21 campaign. In his brief tenure with the Celtics, the Frenchman’s 3-point percentage was an incredible.463%. The Boston Celtics would be more than happy to see that kind of shooting, particularly when Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum are taking a break and riding the pine.

It's like having a concussion,' says Boston Celtics' Evan Fournier of  lingering Covid-19 side effects | CNN

Fournier has played with the Knicks for very little time. However, he can have a significant impact off the bench for the Celtics. Fournier can be an important member of the C’s second unit instead of having to devote as much work to the defensive end as the Knicks are asking him to.

Instead of letting Fournier squander his career away on the bench for a team that does not know what he is capable of, Boston needs to figure out a way to get him back and give his career new life.

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