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Liam Scales’s remarks are clarified by Brendan Rodgers.

Liam Scales 'wanted OUT' of Celtic but Brendan Rodgers reaps rewards of  'brilliant' rise from fringe to key man - Daily Record

You pay attention when someone who has witnessed his fair share of talent come through the ranks, Brendan Rodgers, refers to a player as one of the “biggest surprises” of his lengthy coaching career.
The young player in question, Liam Scales, has been drawing attention at Celtic. The young player’s quick rise is intriguing to observe, and Rodgers’ latest remarks on Scales perfectly capture the exciting but unpredictable essence of football.

“I hadn’t seen much of Liam; the one occasion I did see him in action was when he scored against Dundee United.” I didn’t see much of him when he got to Aberdeen, Rodgers said to CelticTV. In football, it is not unusual for players to slip through the cracks, particularly when they are loaned to other teams. Scales stands out, though, because of his unwavering focus and tenacity.

Celtic in Liam Scales battle after Premier League clubs join race - Irish  Mirror Online

“The feeling around the club was he wanted to go out and continue playing. He had one eye on thinking he was leaving,” Rodgers continued. It’s a sentiment that many young players can relate to. The uncertainty of breaking into the first team, especially at a club as big as Celtic, can be daunting. But Rodgers had some sage advice for the young Celt: “I said, you never know, stay work hard, stay focused. He’s taken his chance.”

And he did take a chance. “He’s proven he can play; what surprised me the most was how he looked accomplished when he advanced to the Champions League,” said Rodgers. Let’s not fool ourselves, though; the Champions League is a very different animal. Even seasoned players might fall on this stage because of the pressure, the caliber of opposition, and the environment. not Scales, though. It’s no minor accomplishment that he appeared to fit in.

Liam Scales On His Celtic Future | Latest Celtic News


“In a matter of weeks, he’s gone from a player that as established himself in the team, thinking he was leaving Celtic to playing regularly in the team, to playing in the Champions League and making his international debut,” Rodgers summed up. It’s a whirlwind progression that epitomises the rollercoaster that is professional football. One moment you’re contemplating your future away from the club, and the next, you’re living the dream—playing at the highest level and even donning your national team’s colours.

Rodgers said, “That’s how football can work for you; consistency is the name of the game these days.” Yes, for Scales the hard part starts now. He is the center of attention, therefore the stakes are enormous. However, judging on his recent play, this young guy is more than capable of taking on the challenge.

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