Green Pay just sold out another key player. see fans reactions and comments…

Green Bay Packers RB Aaron Jones Makes Announcement After Rasul Douglas Trade.

Rasul Douglas thought Packers were joking when they called him about trade  to Bills


The Green Bay Packers were surprising sellers at the 2023 NFL Trade Deadline.  As the final hours ticked down reports surfaced that the Packers had traded defensive back Rasul Douglas to the Buffalo Bills.  The trade came as a shock to most fans as they didn’t anticipate the team to off-load one of their most outspoken leaders.

However, it was even more of a shock to the players.  Aaron Jones was one of those players and he had a lot to say after the trade was announced.

To acquire a third-round pick next year, the Packers sent cornerback Rasul Douglas and a fifth-round pick to the Buffalo Bills. When Aaron Jones was informed of the deal, he became emotional in the Packers locker room:

While fans are aware that players build rapports with each other in the locker-room, it was still a bit eye-opening to see how emotional Aaron Jones became after hearing the news.

What Does 2024 Look Like For The Packers?

Douglas, 29, signed a three-year deal with the Packers in March 2022 for $21 million. By trading Douglas, the Packers saved nearly $900,000 this year and $6.5 million In 2024, according to Cap analyst Ken Ingalls.

What does trading CB Rasul Douglas to Bills mean for Packers?

There have been a lot of speculation regarding Aaron Jones’ future with the Packers after 2023.  It couldn’t have been more fitting for Jones to take a $5 million pay cut this offseason so he could stay with the Packers. The move also allowed the Packers to re-sign other players on the team.

However, Jones having a $17 million cap hit next season coupled with the fact that he will be 30-years-old in December of 2024 has many fans questioning if he will return after this season.  Jones’ importance to the offense has been proven time and time again.  Throughout his career, the Packers have a 32-8 record when Jones has at least 15 touches in a games.  Keeping him in Green Bay should still be a priority for this front office, but will they?



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