Breaking: Diontae Johnson reports his Issues With Kenny Pickett…

Steelers’ Diontae Johnson Admits Communication Issues With Kenny Pickett.

Diontae Johnson Admits Communication Issues With Kenny Pickett

Diontae Johnson confessed he and the Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback have had communication troubles.

PITTSBURGH — The Pittsburgh Steelers offense failed to find much success in Week 11, and in the passing game, there were almost no ‘positives’ to take away from the loss to the Browns.

Finishing the game with just 106 passing yards, quarterback Kenny Pickett admitted there were miscommunication issues in Cleveland, especially with wide receiver Diontae Johnson.

“We had a couple miscommunications,” Pickett said after the game. “It’s something that can’t happen. We have to get it ironed out, obviously. Especially in a moment like that and we had some earlier in the game.”

Johnson finished the game with two receptions for 18 yards but was targeted eight times. On more than one occasion, Pickett believed Johnson was running a different route than the one he did, and the pass was nowhere near the receiver.

Johnson also admitted he and his quarterback are not on the same page, but stressed the importance of getting there – and how it’s a team effort to get their rhythm back.

“Stuff like that happens,” Johnson said. “Can’t fault him. He’s not perfect, so I can’t sit here and blame him. Not point fingers at nobody. I was frustrated, but you can’t just sit here and blame him. it’s a part of the game.”

How does it happen? Practice.

Over the last two weeks, Johnson has totaled just 33 yards while Pickett has failed to throw for more than 150 in either game. The wideout admitted it is frustrating to have these issues this late in the season. But Johnson knows the only focus could be on moving forward and trying to re-find that connection.

“It starts at practice,” Johnson said.

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