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Review of the Atlanta Braves 2023 season: Charlie Morton’s potential farewell song.

Atlanta Braves v Miami Marlins

Charlie Morton, the starting pitcher for the Atlanta Braves, is a possible retirement candidate, so we wanted to examine his play in what might have been his final season.

One of the most thrilling offenses in Major League Baseball history was featured by the Atlanta Braves in 2023. Pitching was frequently thought to be this team’s one weakness. Let’s examine the results of Charlie Morton’s season.

Charlie Morton’s inconsistent behavior earned him a lot of hate in 2023. For a starting pitcher, his 14–12 record in 2023 is not great, but it is also not bad, given his performance. Just because of how many decisions he received in the previous season, Morton’s record also appears worse.

For the Braves in 2023, Morton made 30 total starts; 26 of those starts were starts, which is an unusually high number.

Morton gave up 66 earned runs in 163.1 innings pitched, struck out 183, and walked 83. This resulted in an average WHIP of 1.43, 3.87 FIP, and 3.64 ERA. Morton’s control problems during the previous season were a major source of his difficulties. Teams piled up big innings against Morton, many of which started with walks.

Outside of command issues at times, Charlie Morton honestly lived up to expectations. The almost 40 year old just finished his 16th season in the big leagues. The two-time all-star and almost Cy Young winner in 2019 (finished 3rd in voting) is at the tail end of his career. Unfortunately his better days are behind him but he still had enough left in the tank to help the Braves in 2023.

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While some may feel Morton was inconsistent, he was consistently on the mound every five days until the playoffs came around. Being a veteran presence in the Braves starting rotation while still performing well enough to win half of his decisions should be considered a successful season for Charlie Morton.

Now we wait and see if Morton returns to the Braves in 2024 or retires after 16 seasons of major league pitching.


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