Just In: Former Boston Celtics Star is set to Re-sign a contract…

Former Boston Celtics great reuniting with franchise long overdue.

Mar 25, 2022; Charlotte, North Carolina, USA; Charlotte Hornets guard Isaiah Thomas (4) shots over

With the Boston Celtics looking to win an NBA Championship, a former Cs great would be an excellent addition to the bench to fill one of their biggest holes.

Isaiah Thomas will always be loved for his contributions to the Boston Celtics from 2015 to 2017; a tenure that felt a lot longer than it really was. Everyone remembers the magical 2016-17 season where he carried the team in the playoffs and made the All-NBA second team, even earning MVP votes in the process.

While that was a while ago, Thomas still has the ability to provide a team with a great offensive option in a limited role. During his final season in 2021-2022, split between the Los Angeles Lakers, Dallas Mavericks, and Charlotte Hornets, Thomas shot over 39% from the three-point line.

Add a shooter like that to the second unit, and the Cs are in a much better place during those precious moment the starting five’s shot-creators are on the bench.

Like times in the past, a Boston Celtics reunion with Isaiah Thomas makes perfect season.

Isaiah Thomas is even shorter than his official height

Thomas making his return to the Celtics makes perfect sense in a limited role, where he can give the team 10-15 points off of the bench and spot Jrue Holiday and/or Derrick White. The one thing Thomas has been known to do is score the basketball and in the second unit, he’d have the opportunity to run the offense as he likely has wanted to since those fateful Cs days.

The best ending to a story that took somewhat of a tragic turn with IT’s departure in 2017 would be if Thomas could return to where he had his greatest years and be part of them winning the NBA Championship.

The Celtics hanging Banner 18 would be the greatest end to his career. And all the Cs would need to do is make the call and bring Thomas back home so he can be part of history; erasing the bad karma the Kyrie Irving trade caused.

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