Just In: Steelers Top WR Returns to Practice…

Steelers Top WR Returns to Practice.

Steelers Top WR Returns to Practice

Diontae Johnson returns to the Pittsburgh Steelers just in time for gameday.

PITTSBURGH — The Pittsburgh Steelers got their top wide receiver back just in time for gameday as Diontae Johnson returned to practice and is expected to play against the Arizona Cardinals in Week 13.

Johnson missed the team’s second day of practice due to an illness. He returned on Friday, according to a video from SteelersNow. With his return to the field coming before the weekend, it’s expected that he will be on the field with the rest of the team, with no limitations against the Cardinals.

The Steelers are pretty healthy at this point in the season. They’ll get Minkah Fitzpatrick and Montravius Adams back against the Cardinals, and Calvin Austin (ankle) and Allen Robinson (foot) are both expected to go despite missing practice time this week.

Pittsburgh’s offense is coming off their first 400-yard performance in 59 games, and with Johnson on the field, the group should continue to grow from their newfound success under interim offensive coordinator Eddie Faulkner and play-caller Mike Sullivan.

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Minkah Fitzpatrick ready for more responsibilities than he was given -  Behind the Steel Curtain

The Pittsburgh Steelers stars have nothing but love for each other after a heated altercation.

PITTSBURGH — The Pittsburgh Steelers made headlines for the wrong reason just before their Week 12 matchup with the Cincinnati Bengals, after reports came out of an altercation between Minkah Fitzpatrick and Diontae Johnson.

According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, Johnson was making loud remarks towards coaches after the team’s loss to the Cleveland Browns, which caused Fitzpatrick to say something. That turned into a heated altercation between the two Pro Bowlers, which need to be broken up by Cam Heyward and T.J. Watt.

Fitzpatrick said that happens when two teammates are passionate about the game, but chalked it up to brothers showing love.

“It’s a brotherhood. Brothers fight,” Fitzpatrick said. “I got a younger brother. Me and him but heads sometimes. Sometimes, I gotta put him in a headlock. Sometimes, he’s gotta give me a little push or a shove – let me know he’s there. It’s a brotherhood. That’s how we love each other sometimes. At the end of the day, we all make amends, move forward, and chase the same goal together.”

Johnson agreed when asked about it earlier in the week.

“That’s my brother at the end of the day,” Johnson told reporters. “We’re going to be players. We’re passionate about the game. Everybody wants to win. You all can’t look at it like we had an all-out brawl or something, it ain’t that, so don’t get it twisted.”

There are no hard feelings in the Steelers locker room right now, as the team prepares to build a winning streak and defeat the Arizona Cardinals. And with the argument behind them, both stars are looking to make their impact felt in Week 13.

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