Done deal: baves trade with the athletics after….

Blecher Report suggests another Braves trade with the Athletics.

MLB: SEP 26 Athletics at Twins

As more dominos begin to fall in free agency, it’s starting to feel like the Braves aren’t even considering any of the top remaining starting pitchers on the market. If they’re going to add to their rotation, it feels like it will come via trade, and those conversations should really begin to heat up after the holidays.

The Braves have been connected to several of the top names on the trade market, like Dylan Cease and Corbin Burnes. Both of them would be unbelievable additions, giving Atlanta one of the top rotations in the league to pair with their historically great offense. However, every competitive team with good prospects will be calling about Cease and Burnes. That’s not going to be easy for Alex Anthopoulos to pull off, but perhaps he goes back to a familiar place this time of year.

Last year around this time was the big Sean Murphy three-team deal. The previous March was when the A’s sent Matt Olson to Atlanta. And, well, now it’s time for Oakland to give Atlanta a starting pitcher a couple years before he hits free agency so the Braves can maybe sign him to a long-term extension, too.

Though the trade simulator grades this one as almost as perfectly even as it can get, it does feel like Atlanta is giving up a little more in this one-for-one swap. But when all six of your top prospects are right-handed pitchers, it’s not the end of the world to part with the sixth-best one who is probably 3-4 years away from reaching the majors.

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