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Green Bay Packers DC Talks On Needed Improvement For Last 2 Games.

Green Bay Packers defensive coordinator has come under a lot of fire in recent weeks. This defense appeared to be on the rightward trajectory, but has since left a lot of question marks, particularly from the decision making. While a lot are foreseeing a mutual parting of ways, at the end of the season, others have even taken the additional step to include a website of how they feel.

So how does Joe Barry envision his defense ending his year?

Green Bay Packers Latest Comments.

When asked about his players putting in a good defensive performance would mean, Matt Schneidman shared the following from the defensive coordinator:

I just want to win for the Green Bay Packers

It is admirable in some ways, that he is taking himself out of the discussion. He instead elected to elevate the franchise, and overall goal of the team, rather than talking about his role, or defending his past decisions.

But for many fans, this is too little too late. While his words and intentions may genuinely be to a put the team first, the performance of his defense is ultimately what matters. And for too many important moments during the season, it has not been good enough.

Oct 29, 2023; Green Bay, Wisconsin, USA; Green Bay Packers cornerback Jaire Alexander (23) tackles Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Jordan Addison (3) in the game at Lambeau Field. Mandatory Credit: Tork Mason-USA TODAY Sports

Green Bay Packers Sentiment Not Matching Reality

It is his further comments from the press conference that lead some to believe that the words of good will, are really just there to put himself in a position to look better than what his performance warrants. With the end of the season coming, and it not looking good that he will be with the Green Bay Packers for much longer, Joe Barry is trying to bolster his resume for other perspective interested teams that will be in the hunt for a defensive coordinator next year.

Talked about consistency last week, whether you put consistency playing four quarters, finish, all into the same bucket. We’ve got to play a 60 minute complete football game.

And it is statements like this one that should have Green Bay Packers fans worried for the remainder of the season. Based on what Joe Barry is saying here, the same message is being preached, only it is not resonating, and transferring to the players on the field.




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