Quick news: Matt LaFleur: ‘Sky’s the limit’ for Packers…

Matt LaFleur: ‘Sky’s the limit’ for Packers quarterback Jordan Love.

If you want to see the massive jump that Jordan Love and this Packers offense has made, go back and watch Green Bay’s Week 8 matchup with Minnesota and compare it to what we saw in Week 17. It was night and day.

The first time around, the Packers lost 24-10, dropping their fourth consecutive game. They were stuck in the midst of a stretch where they were struggling to put up any points in the first half. Love finished the day 24-of-41 at just 5.6 yards per attempt with a touchdown and an interception. This past week, offensive coordinator Adam Stenavich called the performance the “lowest point” for the Packers’ offense.

Fast forward to Sunday night, and the Packers offense we saw on the football field was nearly unrecognizable compared to where they were in the early to middle portions of the season. For the second straight game, Green Bay eclipsed 30 points. Love was an efficient 24-for-33 at 7.8 yards per attempt with three touchdowns, and was the definition of in control, even when pressure was in his face.

Maybe the memes have some truth to them. When Jordan Love inherited the Green Bay Packers after Aaron Rodgers’ departure, many jokes were made about the QB becoming another elite star. It was a rough start to his first season as a starter, but Love is starting to come into his own as a really, really good quarterback.















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