Just in: Jeremy Fowler said Smith would be fired due…..

All signs seemingly point to Atlanta Falcons firing Arthur Smith.

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Before Atlanta’s Week 14 contest against the Buccaneers, a report from Jeremy Fowler said the only way Smith would be fired following the season would be if there was a “late season collapse” for the Falcons.

Now, we weren’t told exactly what that would entail, but a blown opportunity against Tampa Bay seemed rather close to it. While fans debated if it was or not, the Falcons moved ahead as regularly scheduled, traveling to Carolina to take on the 1-12 Panthers.

Surely a loss to the worst team in the league, which would effectively dash the club’s postseason hopes, would fit the billing of a late-season collapse. Atlanta’s worst fears were realized as they fell to their coach-less division rivals.

If that wasn’t a late-season collapse, it seemed that only losing the confidence of the locker room could rid Smith of his job because he returned last week against the Colts in the most impressive victory of the season.

Following the 29-10 drumming of Indianapolis, reports surfaced that Arthur Blank would likely give Arthur Smith and Terry Fontenot the 2024 campaign, but another embarrassing loss the next week might’ve turned the tide.

The Falcons looked as bad as they’ve looked all season on Sunday against the Bears. As I said before, the head coach’s seat seems scorching hot, but the only way he’d be canned is if he lost the locker room. Well, that seems to be happening in real time.

Cordarrelle Patterson, one of the most highly respected veterans in Flowery Branch, voiced his frustrations with his role in the offense on social media for all of the world to see. An internal shift within Atlanta’s locker room following the Week 17 loss is convenient timing for this next bit of information.

Not that the two are at all related, but a report from Jason La Canfora of the Washington Post suggests all signs point to Arthur Blank firing Arthur Smith this offseason.

“Anything less than a dismissal would be unexpected. Owner Arthur Blank is not a huge fan of Coach Arthur Smith’s work, and many people who were in the vicinity of Blank during the most recent league meetings believed that a coaching search would soon begin. Smith’s string of agonizing defeats since then and the QB turnover haven’t helped, according to La Canfora.

After just three seasons under the former Titans offensive coordinator, the Falcons should not come as a surprise to anyone as they have been among the league’s biggest disappointments this season. La Canfora is not the only one who feels this way. GMs two and three now think Blank has already made up his mind.

The first GM declared, “I don’t care what anybody writes—Arthur Smith isn’t safe.” “He will stay there for another week.” They can’t sell tickets, dude, stated the other general manager. They are unable to score even with all these first-round picks on the offensive end. He must alter his behavior. Arthur Smith is no longer able to be sold.”

The way in which Smith has used or not used his three first-round picks has become a running joke among fantasy football players and Falcons supporters. Blank must be concerned about Bijan Robinson, Kyle Pitts, and Drake London’s underutilization.

Furthermore, since Mercedes Benz Stadium opened, the Falcons haven’t regularly packed it, and Blank notices the empty seats just like everyone else. Atlanta’s stadiums are now destinations for visiting clubs looking to establish a home away from home.

Having said that, La Canfora has a history of making inaccurate stories, including ones on the Falcons. Therefore, even though I believe that Blank fires Smith, I would proceed with caution regarding this information.

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