Just in: Pro Football Focus Names Jordan Love as Breakout Player of….

Pro Football Focus Names Jordan Love as Breakout Player of the Year.

Jordan Love, with a 2023 season performance that only his mother could have possibly predicted, has exceeded the expectations of many and solidified Green Bay as a breeding ground for future hall of fame QBs.

OK, it’s only been one full season for the guy, but I believe in the JLOVE hype. With the usual youthful mistakes mixed in, Love has shown he can act under pressure, avoid media drama, mesh well with other players and coaches(and egos), spread the ball around, buy into LaFleur’s system and know his role in it, and for a young QB (or even a vet), Love has some slick moves.

Jordan Love’s Future with the Packers

Not gonna say “better than Rodgers” because he has a lot more to prove and also saying that would make me an idiot. You gotta show season after season that you can stay healthy, or at least stay on field, to be a true Packers QB Great. A proper Packers QB is mentally sharp, passionate about being the team’s leader, and most of all, they do not warm benches. They play.

With that said, the current trajectory with Love is looking quite good.

aaron jones 2024 | Pro Football Focus Names Jordan Love as Breakout Player of the Year
Green Bay Packers running back Aaron Jones (33) runs for a first down against the Chicago Bears during their football game Sunday, January 7, 2024, in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Aaron Jones Impact on Loves Performance

Meanwhile, Aaron Jones isn’t getting any younger in a position that favors the young enough to make Leo DiCaprio blush. Love would probably be the first to acknowledge Jones’ impact on his own success this season and therefore the team’s overall.

It’s a lot easier to spread to ball around when opponent’s defense takes your RB as seriously as any reasonable defense should take Jones. That’s because, just like our man Ahman Green of yore, Jones can be a talented receiver whenever you need him to be.

Packers also have AJ Dillon (an offensive threat in his own right) on hand to spread the load and try to keep both RBs healthy (a noble strategy, but Jones has still missed quite a few games this season). It seems LaFleur’s system relies heavily on a second, more versatile RB and/or TE to be used for screens, etc. (See Also: https://thepowersweep.com/blog/how-matt-lafleur-could-change-how-the-packers-use-their-running-backs)

Love’s completion percentage has soared in December and early January, a correlation with Jones’ own increase in performance. Love is a wonder QB with or without him, but it begs the question of what impact Jones’ possible absence next season is going to have on Love’s current surge in performance.

Due to some smart contract juggling with Love last year, he is currently locked in for the 2024 season with a one year contract.

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