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Braves Max Fried talks upcoming free agency

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At their annual Braves Fest over the weekend, a popular topic came up that will likely be discussed throughout the season, Max Fried‘s pending free agency. Here’s what the Braves ace had to say:

I think the way Fried talks about his situation is important for all fans to understand. His agent serves as a buffer. Fried and his representatives have assuredly talked about his value, what’s fair, and what he can get on the open market after another successful season. Unless the Braves come back to the table with a deal in his acceptable range, I don’t imagine Fried will be thinking about his next contract very often. That’s his agent’s job, and allowing him to do his job is what’s in the best interest of Fried, who is focused on helping the Braves win another World Series in 2024.

The leader of Atlanta’s pitching staff is heading down what feels like an all too familiar path. Like Freddie Freeman and Dansby Swanson before him, Fried is set to hit free agency at the end of the upcoming season, and when that happens, it never seems to work out in the Braves’ favor.

I would go as far as to say if Fried reaches unrestricted free agency, there’s virtually no chance he’s in Atlanta past this season. Alex Anthopoulos is all about value, and the way he approaches these contract negotiations has never changed. Not to mention, they generally end up working out well for the Braves. Changing now would be foolish. The Braves don’t pay sticker price for anything, and I highly doubt they are going to make an exception for Max Fried.



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