VERIFIED: The Green Bay Packers have agreed to a three-year deal worth a minimum of $86.75 million annually.

VERIFIED: The Green Bay Packers have agreed to a three-year deal worth a minimum of $86.75 million annually.

In recent years, the Green Bay Packers have been prominently involved in significant player transactions, with Davante Adams and Aaron Rodgers being notable figures in these moves. While Rodgers was only transferred to the New York Jets in the most recent off-season, Adams had been traded to the Las Vegas Raiders two off-seasons ago.

The prospect of the Packers making another substantial deal during their upcoming off-season prompts intrigue. Nevertheless, one expert has delved deeper into the ramifications of one of these recent trades, particularly the departure of Davante Adams.

From a professional standpoint, Adams might contemplate altering that decision if given the chance. However, whether the Packers would opt to make the same move again remains uncertain. While Adams showcased exceptional performance in Aaron Rodgers’ final season as a starter, it’s doubtful that one receiver alone could elevate a non-playoff team into a legitimate Super Bowl contender.

In exchange for Adams, Packers’ General Manager Brian Gutekunst utilized the first- and second-round draft picks acquired to select linebacker Quay Walker and move up in the second round to secure wide receiver Christian Watson. While it may seem straightforward to label the transaction as a loss for the Packers considering Adams’ considerable value compared to Walker and Watson combined, a comprehensive analysis is warranted.

Apart from draft selections, the financial aspect also plays a crucial role. Adams signed a lucrative $140 million, five-year contract with the Raiders, equivalent to a three-year, $67.75 million deal on average annually, even with a team-friendly structure. This necessitated the Packers to potentially part ways with other players they retained.

Independent cap analyst Ken Ingalls provided insightful analysis on the free agents signed by the Packers in 2022, whose cumulative cap hit was comparable to Adams’ contract with the Raiders. Assessing the overall impact of the trade is complex. It’s plausible that Adams alone could hold more value than any combination of players acquired in the trade, including Walker, Watson, and others.

Moreover, retaining key players like Aaron Jones, the Packers’ running back, might have posed challenges in maintaining cap space. Additionally, the composition of subsequent drafts could have been different with Adams still in the team, potentially altering player selections based on positional needs.

Despite these considerations, the Packers’ wide receiving group has strengthened significantly in just two seasons, reflecting a potentially positive outcome amidst the scrutiny surrounding Adams’ departure.

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