GOOD NEWS: Packers’ Running Backs Josh Jacobs, AJ Dillon, and Aaron Jones Compared…..

The Packers’ Running Backs Josh Jacobs, AJ Dillon, and Aaron Jones Compared… are banking on Josh Jacobs to be their primary running back for the future, preferring him over Aaron Jones for the years ahead, starting from 2024 and beyond. This strategic decision underscores the team’s confidence in Jacobs’ potential and performance. By favoring Jacobs, the Packers are signaling a shift in their offensive strategy and long-term planning. It’s a calculated move aimed at maximizing the team’s effectiveness on the field and securing success in the seasons to come, as they look to Jacobs to lead their ground game in the years ahead.


In 2022, Jacobs had an exceptional season, not only topping the NFL with 1,653 rushing yards but also displaying remarkable prowess. According to Pro Football Focus, Jacobs forced a staggering 90 missed tackles, the highest in the league. Additionally, his 1,156 yards gained after contact would have placed him eighth in the NFL standings solely on that metric.

Despite Jones’ impressive seven seasons with the team, he never reached the milestone of rushing for 1,156 yards in a single season. However, this isn’t a critique of Jones’ abilities. His career average of 5.05 yards per carry ranks fifth among all running backs in NFL history, placing him ahead of esteemed Hall of Famers Gale Sayers and Barry Sanders. Notably, current standout running back Christian McCaffrey of the 49ers has achieved this average only once in his seven seasons, highlighting Jones’ consistency and efficiency on the field.

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