DONE DEAL: The tally of total transfers from the 2024 cycle is finalized….

Outside of a few stragglers who waited until the last minute to get their paperwork filed, the college basketball transfer portal is finally, mercifully closed. That sound you just heard is college basketball coaches throughout the country exhaling. No more worrying or fretting about some last-second departures. The NCAA’s new updated rule forces graduate transfers to hit the transfer portal by May 1, even if they are going through the NBA Draft process. Illinois’ Coleman Hawkins was one of the late transfer portal entries because of that rule tweak. The days of Paul Mulcahy hitting the transfer portal in June (like last year) seem to be over.

In Dan Hurley‘s case, he can finally sleep. In Kim English‘s case, he can hold off on publicly torching poachers until the next portal cycle.

The tally of total transfers from the 2024 cycle will be finalized in the coming days, but it’s flirting with 2,000 total names. Last year was the biggest transfer portal class on record. This year’s haul had more than 200 extra names to sort through. This is the last cycle of COVID-year seniors, so the record is likely safe.

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