NEWS NOW: Davante Adams Discloses His Departure from Green Bay, Expresses Surprise at Jordan Love’s Talent…

Before Aaron Rodgers made his exit from Green Bay, his star receiver Davante Adams followed suit, with the Packers trading him to the Las Vegas Raiders. In exchange for Adams, the Packers acquired a first-round pick in the 2022 NFL Draft, while Adams promptly signed a lucrative five-year, $141 million contract with Las Vegas post-trade.

In a recent podcast appearance, Adams, who has not seen postseason action in the two seasons since his departure from Green Bay, revealed that while he doesn’t regret the move, he underestimated the potential of Jordan Love.

“At the time when I was (in Green Bay), I hadn’t necessarily seen enough to say this is for sure what I should do. But in hindsight, like we talked about, the kid is a f—— baller, man. I’m so happy for him,” Adams shared on The Rush podcast, hosted by his Raiders teammate Maxx Crosby.

Adams expressed a desire to convey his pride to Love, stating, “I definitely don’t regret changing [teams], but I’m super proud of what you’ve done. If there’s a way I could pull you over here [to Las Vegas] and drag you with me like that, that would’ve been cool, too.”

Despite Adams’ assertions of contentment with his move to Las Vegas, his actions in recent years suggest otherwise. He previously made statements to the media indicating impatience, such as “I don’t got time to wait around,” and expressed a desire to play alongside Derek Carr, who has since moved to New Orleans. Furthermore, multiple teams expressed interest in acquiring Adams during the trade deadline.

As the 2024 season approaches, Adams faces the prospect of catching passes from quarterbacks other than Rodgers, Carr, or Love. The Raiders’ current quarterback lineup comprises Gardner Minshew, Aidan O’Connell, Anthony Brown Jr., and rookie Carter Bradley.

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