CHALLENGE: Top NFL Draft pick Cooper DeJean shares Caitlin Clark’s reaction to his challenge for a one-on-one basketball match…

Former University of Iowa defensive back Cooper DeJean expressed confidence in his ability to defeat his former classmate, Caitlin Clark, in a one-on-one basketball match. He reiterated his belief during an appearance on the Up & Adams Show. However, Kay Adams holds a different opinion.

DeJean, who was selected as the No. 40 overall pick in the NFL Draft, holds the distinction of being the first white cornerback in the league since Jason Sehorn in 2003. While Troy Apke briefly transitioned from safety to cornerback with Washington in 2021, it’s DeJean who is poised to end the over 20-year-long streak.

Before his tenure at Iowa, DeJean showcased his athleticism as a four-sport athlete at Battle Creek-Ida Grove, excelling in basketball, baseball, football, and track. His basketball skills are particularly noteworthy.

In April, DeJean confidently asserted that he could defeat Clark, widely regarded as the greatest scorer in college basketball history, in a one-on-one matchup. This sparked debates among fans, particularly among those who believe in DeJean’s abilities.

However, Clark herself disagrees with those supporters. She reached out to her former classmate to convey that she firmly believes he stands no chance against her on the court. Despite the playful banter, there’s no animosity between them until they step onto the basketball court.

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