LATEST NEWS: Former NFL Agent Provides Insight into How Aaron Rodgers Will Impact Jordan Love’s Contract Extension with the Green Bay Packers…

The  are facing heightened anticipation regarding the eventual contract extension of their starting quarterback, Jordan Love. Despite the ability to sign a contract extension earlier this week, negotiations between the team and Love’s representatives have yet to reach a resolution. Speculation has been rife among fans and analysts regarding the financial terms of Love’s contract, with many expecting the influence of his predecessor, Aaron Rodgers, to play a significant role in determining the final figure.

Former NFL agent Joel Corey provides insight into how Rodgers’ past contract extensions with the Packers could impact Love’s negotiations. Corey points out that Rodgers’ initial extension in 2008, valued at $12.7 million per season, set a precedent for compensating young quarterbacks. Despite Rodgers having less experience than Love at the time of his extension, the Packers were willing to make him one of the highest-paid quarterbacks in the league.

Drawing parallels between Rodgers’ contract history and Love’s situation, Corey suggests that Love should command a similar salary to what Rodgers received in his first extension, potentially making him one of the league’s top-paid players. Additionally, Corey highlights Rodgers’ most recent extension, a lucrative three-year $150 million deal signed after his fourth NFL MVP Award. Love’s agents may leverage this contract and Rodgers’ performance in comparison to Love’s own achievements to argue for an even higher salary, potentially surpassing the $51 million mark.

As negotiations unfold, it remains to be seen whether the Packers will agree to such substantial financial terms for Love. However, Corey’s analysis suggests that Love’s contract extension could come with a hefty price tag for the Packers in the near future.

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