Currently: Green Bay Packers Set to Compete in Upcoming NFL Draft Playoffs With…

Here’s an overview of the Green Bay Packers’ draft picks leading up to the 2024 NFL Draft:

The Packers enter the draft with a total of 11 selections, including three compensatory picks acquired due to free agent losses in 2023, which falls just short of the maximum allotment for a single draft.

With a 9-8 record in the previous season and a Wild Card playoff win advancing them to the Divisional Playoffs, the Packers’ original picks are expected to fall at either the 25th or 26th position in each round. Similarly, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, with the same record and postseason progression, alternate selections with the Packers in successive rounds, with Tampa Bay holding the earlier pick in even rounds.

One of the Packers’ original seven selections, their fifth-round pick at #160 overall, was traded to the Buffalo Bills during last year’s trade deadline. This exchange, involving cornerback Rasul Douglas, garnered the Packers an additional third-round pick, specifically the Bills’ selection at #91 overall.

Additionally, the trade involving Aaron Rodgers just over a year ago did not meet playtime requirements with the New York Jets, consequently resulting in the Packers receiving the Jets’ second-round pick at #41 overall, rather than a first-round selection.

Finally, Green Bay’s compensatory picks are distributed across rounds five, six, and seven, bringing their total draft picks to 11. Below is a breakdown of their selections leading into the first round:

– Round 1: Pick #25
– Round 2: Pick #41 (from New York Jets in Aaron Rodgers trade), Pick #58
– Round 3: Pick #88, Pick #91 (from Buffalo Bills in Rasul Douglas trade)

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