LATEST NEWS: Drew Brees Suggests Steelers Use Justin Fields in a Taysom Hill-like Role..

Former New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees has proposed an intriguing strategy for the Pittsburgh Steelers involving their newly acquired quarterback, Justin Fields. According to Brees, the Steelers should utilize Fields in a role similar to how the Saints employed Taysom Hill.

One of the notable criticisms of Justin Fields’ game has been his lack of pocket awareness, which has led to a significant number of sacks. This issue is not unique to Fields, as Denver Broncos quarterback Russell Wilson has faced similar challenges. Over the past two seasons, Wilson has been sacked 100 times, while Fields has been sacked 99 times, highlighting a shared vulnerability that the Steelers must address.

Fields’ tenure with the Chicago Bears was marked by instability and a lack of support. He recorded a 10-28 record as a starter across three seasons, hampered by frequent coaching changes and a dearth of offensive weapons. Despite these challenges, Fields possesses a remarkable skill set that Brees believes can be harnessed effectively in Pittsburgh.

During an appearance on the Dan Patrick Show, Brees elaborated on his vision for Fields’ role with the Steelers. He suggested that Fields could be used in specific packages, similar to how the Saints utilized Hill. This approach would involve Fields taking the field for seven to ten snaps per game, creating unpredictable and dynamic offensive opportunities for the Steelers.

“Justin Fields obviously has an incredible skill set and I’m excited to see how Pittsburgh uses him this year,” Brees stated. “I would actually envision a situation where it’s almost like a Taysom Hill-type package like we had in New Orleans. Russell Wilson is your starting quarterback, Justin Fields is getting seven to ten snaps a game. How problematic would that be for a defense?”

Brees highlighted Fields’ ability to impact both the running and passing games, suggesting that such versatility could be highly advantageous for the Steelers. He also criticized the Bears’ handling of Fields, noting that a gradual introduction through specific packages could have facilitated his development without overwhelming him.

Fields’ early career in Chicago was tumultuous, featuring two head coaches and three offensive coordinators in just three years. This lack of continuity posed significant challenges for Fields’ growth as a quarterback. Historically, the Bears have struggled to develop successful quarterbacks, with Jay Cutler holding the franchise record for passing yards at 23,443.

Reflecting on the Bears’ decision-making, Brees pointed out that they bypassed selecting Patrick Mahomes in the 2017 NFL Draft, opting instead for Mitch Trubisky with the second overall pick. This decision, among others, underscores the franchise’s longstanding issues with quarterback development.

Looking ahead, the Bears have pinned their hopes on Caleb Williams, the first overall pick in the recent draft, as a potential solution to their quarterback woes. Whether Williams can break the franchise’s quarterback curse remains to be seen.

In the meantime, Brees’ suggestion offers a creative solution for the Steelers, potentially maximizing Justin Fields’ unique talents while alleviating some of the pressures associated with his position. This strategy could provide Pittsburgh with a versatile and formidable offensive weapon, enhancing their overall gameplay.

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