SO SAD : Reading FC fan agree on handing over…..

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The Reading FC Supporters Trust has provided an update on the sale of the club, following discussions with Nigel Howe. Howe, appointed by owner Dai Yongge, is managing the sale process, which has been underway for several months. The club signed an exclusivity agreement with an unnamed party on March 26, but there have been no further official updates since then.

The Reading FC Supporters Trust (STAR) has addressed fans on social media regarding the ongoing sale of the club. They acknowledged the fans’ eagerness for a resolution and emphasized the importance of discretion during the negotiations. STAR noted that the situation is exacerbated by false reports and rumors, urging patience while the process continues.

STAR (Reading FC Supporters Trust) has updated fans on social media, emphasizing the ongoing nature of the club’s sale negotiations. They have spoken with Nigel Howe, who reassured them that efforts to finalize a deal continue, and any significant updates will be shared as soon as possible. STAR clarified that, despite the lack of new information, there is neither good nor bad news at this point, and they asked fans to remain patient amidst ongoing false rumors and speculation.

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