As a blogger, it’s rare for me to claim an exclusive, but this topic is one where my unique perspective and experience truly stand out. I doubt many other bloggers possess the specific knowledge and background I have on this matter.

Whether they are supporters of Celtic or Ibrox, they will find my insights particularly relevant. Yesterday, several mainstream outlets, including the Record and the Sun, reported that the construction to enhance disabled facilities at the Copland Road stand at Ibrox has been delayed.

This delay is significant and affects many fans who rely on these facilities. Given my expertise, I can offer a deeper understanding of the implications and potential next steps regarding this development.

The official reason given for the delay is a late shipment of steel. However, there’s likely more to the story than initially reported.

Celtic bloggers were quick to jump on this news yesterday. Instead of rushing to write about it, I chose to wait and see how the situation unfolded, anticipating that more intriguing details would emerge.

Given my experience, I understand that things at Ibrox are rarely straightforward. It didn’t take long for additional information to surface, confirming my suspicions that the initial explanation might not cover the full story.

Late last night, while browsing X, I stumbled upon a screenshot from Follow Follow. It immediately caught my attention for reasons I’ll explain shortly.

The accuracy of the information in the screenshot is yet to be confirmed, but it seems to offer a more plausible explanation for why the stadium might not be ready for the start of the season.

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