Can Kevin Huerter make another leap?

Can Huerter produce an even better season after a standout one?

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The trade that brought Kevin Huerter to Sacramento last summer in return for a protected first-round selection was one of Monte McNair’s wisest moves as general manager of the Sacramento Kings. Hopefully, the outgoing choice will be communicated this year, removing the lingering barrier to any trade deals in the future. However, Kevin Huerter was such a crucial component of Sacramento’s success in the previous season that there isn’t really much room for disagreement on the value of the owed pick.

In Sacramento last year, Huerter had a breakout year. He had a lot of success in the Kings offense despite still not being the top offensive option. Huerter had a career-high 6.8 3PAs per game and hit a career-best 40.2% from three-point range. A career best 15.2 points per game were as a result. However, despiteĀ all of his achievements, Huerter seems to have room for improvement. Red Velvet is only 25 years old, and despite the respectable statistics, any fan of the Kings will tell you that the figures could have been even higher if there hadn’t been a few downstretches during the course of the year.

Huerter’s gravitas and his chemistry in the two-man game with Domantas Sabonis are essential for the Kings offense to keep churning. Huerter only needs to raise his floor in order to make a significant contribution to this team rather than raising his ceiling. Make even a little more of those horrible evenings productive. Huerter’s performance makes the Kings difficult to defeat.

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