With Bruno Guimaraes’ new contract with Newcastle United getting closer, there are both hopes and concerns.

Clarification on the alleged escape clause is necessary before Newcastle United can announce Bruno Guimaraes’ new contract.
Bruno Guimaraes gives fellow Newcastle United star Joe Willock a new  nickname - Chronicle Live

According to reports, Bruno Guimaraes will shortly reveal details of his new deal with Newcastle United. According to sources close to the midfielder, a contract extension until 2028 is practically “done deal” for Bruno. The 25-year-old’s initial contract, which he signed after moving from Lyon for over £40 million, was supposed to go until 2026.

The specifics of Bruno Guimaraes’ new contract with Newcastle United are reportedly about to be revealed. A contract extension until 2028 is essentially “done deal” for Bruno, claim sources close to the midfielder. The first deal the 25-year-old made when he joined from Lyon for more than £40 million was scheduled to last until 2026.

He celebrated as wildly as a goal after charging into a tackle to assist his team earn a key point in the group stages. It was encouraging to watch, and now that his contract concerns are resolved, it may serve as his springboard to reclaiming his peak performance. The new information on Bruno’s contract did raise some questions for fans, though. Talk of a £100 million release clause, which was not included in Bruno’s initial contract, leaves room for a departure before 2028.

Eddie Howe will be questioned about the condition once the transaction is official because United has not verified it, assuming it is true. Howe has previously praised signings who haven’t searched for a “way out” in his speeches. Bruno rejected that sort of option when he joined Newcastle in 2022, despite the fact that relegation was a threat to the black and whites. then why now?

The only difference, though, is that at 25, the player needs to take precautions since the contract that comes after this one might be the final lucrative one of his career as he approaches his prime. Of fact, both outcomes are possible with a £100 million escape clause.

When a player is performing well, it might be detrimental to a team because their worth may have skyrocketed as a result of their strong play. You could feel a little underpaid if, for example, Real Madrid purchased him for that sum. It might be more difficult to find buyers at that price since he has struck a slump.

Another cause for concern is the fact that Bruno’s associates hyped Liverpool’s interest at the end of the window.

With Bruno’s longtime fans at Real Madrid, they would undoubtedly have a plan in place to get him out of St. James’ Park.

Bruno will be free to put his head down for the time being and concentrate on getting things moving in midfield once more. It is hoped that he and Sandro Tonali will begin to click and move the squad up the standings.

When questioned on Friday, Howe refuted claims that he ought to have signed another “number 6”. Questions about Tonali and the so-called dysfunctional midfield dominated the press conference.

Not in my opinion, Howe stated. We already have three guys that can play that position, in my perspective, so I didn’t want to add a fourth.

The solution to Newcastle’s midfield problems, Bruno’s performance, and the future of their collaboration with Tonali may now be known shortly after the ink has dry on that new contract.


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