The Real Reason Jeri-Show Never Had Any WWE Merchandise, According to Chris Jericho

Chris Jericho, a current AEW star, has participated in a number of tag teams and factions over the course of his storied career. He was a member of several noteworthy tag teams, including Jeri-Show. He was a member of the team along with the Big Show, a seven-foot-tall behemoth.


Chris Jericho Explains Why There's No "Stupid Idiot" WWE Merchandise |  411MANIA

During their tenure in the WWE, The Ocho and Big Show were among the most prosperous tag teams. Additionally, they won the WWE Tag Team Championships once. As the tag team division’s heels, they enjoyed a successful run.

AEW star Chris Jericho files for a new trademark on his decade-old WWE tag  team name; reunion imminent?

The former AEW World Champion spoke candidly about his time with Big Show while speaking on the Superstar Crossover show.

“The Big Show requested that we produce T-shirts, but I said, “We’re not producing T-shirts. We won’t have any merchandise. What do you mean we’re not making merchandise, he asks. I argued that heels shouldn’t have merchandise. We’ll get our money by competing in pay-per-view matches against the babyfaces who sell merchandise, I thought. He was fantastic, but he always wanted to design Jeri-Show t-shirts, so maybe someday we’ll have to do that,” Chris Jericho stated. Wrestling News (H/T)

On his collaboration with Big Show, Chris Jericho
The Ocho admitted that he and the seven-foot-tall behemoth had a nice experience working together while talking on the same podcast.

My favorite tag team partner was Big Show. He was superior. We’ve never truly referred to ourselves as Jeri-Show. That’s what the announcers called us. They couldn’t refer to us as that, I’d say. Excellent chemistry. He was kind of stumbling along at the time. I told Vince that we would turn him into a gigantic destroyer who would simply slaughter everyone. Remove that Andre the Giant singlet and replace it with a genuine singlet or whatever it was, and we had a wonderful run there. With one, it was great fun.

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