Great News: Newcastle Top Player is rated as One of……

One of the five most valuable players in the world is a Newcastle United great.

An extremely fascinating article about this Newcastle United player.
They have searched for the top player right now, from 16 to 36 years old.

The list includes Lionel Messi (36), Kylian Mbappe (24), and Erling Haaland (23).

Haaland overtakes Mbappe as world's most valuable player | Marca


But who is the 33-year-old Newcastle United man who, according to CPM, is one of the top five players in the world?

While another Newcastle United player who is 25 years old received an honorable mention…

The best player in the world can be defined in a variety of ways, and we’ve tried to do so on these pages numerous times. Even if it is impossible to measure and then value everything that occurs on a soccer field objectively, there is still a lot of knowledge to be gained from the process.

What if, instead of changing how we define “best,” we altered who we consider to be the best? Could that provide any new information regarding the state of the soccer landscape right now? Let’s try to determine the finest player in the world from 16 to 36 years old in an effort to learn more.

The best player will be determined by a combination of how much better he is than peers in his position and how valuable that position is, as there are no clear cut criteria for this. In other words, the top goalkeeper would lose out to the third-best attacker.

George Box, a British statistician, famously said, “All models are wrong, some are useful.” CPM is undoubtedly helpful. Let’s begin, then.

Age 33: Newcastle fullback Kieran Trippier

Newcastle United: Kieran Trippier makes Opta's Premier League team of  season - BBC Sport

Tripper has successfully completed 272 passes into the opponent’s penalty area since the start of the previous campaign. Nobody has finished more than 186.

Newcastle is most likely still a top-tier team at this moment. Yes, they have already dropped three league games, but they also destroyed Paris Saint-Germain and have perhaps the most difficult schedule in the Premier League. They still rank second in England for non-penalty xG difference at even strength despite this.

It’s quite challenging to comprehend how that is possible when you look at Newcastle’s roster, which still includes a number of players from the club that went very close to being relegated. However, once you concede that Trippier might be among the finest players in the world and is the best at advancing the ball into the most dangerous part of the field, you at least begin to move in the right direction. He ranks among the top five players in the world according to CPM.

Trent Alexander-Arnold, a fullback for Liverpool, is 25.

Trent Alexander-Arnold: Midfield maestro? Liverpool's future might have  just got a whole lot brighter | UK

For the past five years, he has been one of the top five teams in the world in terms of ball progression and innovation. With him performing such actions, you can already win every trophy, and it was all done before he reached the height of his ability.

While concerns about his defensive prowess were high throughout the previous season, Liverpool’s late-season run began as soon as they adopted the new approach of “just let TAA touch the ball as many times as possible.”

The only competitors in this category are Federico Valverde of Real Madrid and Bruno Guimares of Newcastle, but neither of them can match TAA’s impact’s longevity and consistency, or its peak, when he solely determines games. He is the 25-year-old CPM leader, yet he just had his 25th birthday a few days ago. He might not have even been mentioned if I had written this piece last month.



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