Luis Palma: Can Celtic help him to the next level ?………

Luis Palma opens up about his Champions League goal that was disallowed and discusses how Celtic can help him reach the “next level”.

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Against Lazio, the winger believed he had scored his first UCL goal, but it was disallowed for offside.

Playing for Celtic in the Champions League, according to Luis Palma, can elevate his performance to the “next level.”

Since joining the Hoops in the summer, the Honduran winger has been progressively developing and showcasing the skills he can provide. His longest goal to date came against Motherwell. That shot after cutting in from the left on his right foot in the UCL match against Lazio should have been the game-winner, but it was called offside.

Even though the goal was finally taken from him, the 23-year-old still felt a great sense of pride in that particular moment. He’s now committed to persevering in order to pursue his goal of mixing it up at that level and believes it will help him get better.


After a 4-0 victory over Cuba, he was stopped at the airport on his way home from international duty by local reporters.

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When asked if Celtic might elevate him, Palma responded, “The fact is yes. Every day, every week, and every game I work to be the best version of myself so that I can improve as a person and a football player, aid the national team when they need it, and perform at my peak when I’m here.

“Making my Champions League debut was a childhood dream come true,” the player said. To keep that ambition alive, I’m going to work hard during every Champions League match, every minute, and every second.

It was a wonderful occasion, it was fantastic, but it was not to be my first Champions League goal at that very moment. I’ll keep working since it will make me stronger for this football game. I can attest that after playing so well, it was challenging to avoid scoring in the dying seconds.

He continued, “I enjoy the football they play with Cholo (Diego Simeone), it’s a team I look forward to playing Atletico Madrid. Although it will be a challenging game, everyone in the club is committed to doing everything in our power to win.

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