Great News: Buffalo Bills Just hired another offensive assistant…

Buffalo Bills hire DJ Mangas as offensive assistant.
Buffalo Bills add DJ Mangas to offensive coaching staff


Mangas has been both a coach with and teammate of OC Joe Brady over his football career.

While the Buffalo Bills had a lot happening off the field between Week 12 when they lost to the Philadelphia Eagles and Week 14 when they beat the Kansas City Chiefs, one of those things received little to no attention.

The Bills added to their coaching staff, bringing on board DJ Mangas as an offensive assistant to work with interim offensive coordinator Joe Brady who was promoted after the dismissal of Ken Dorsey following Buffalo’s loss to the Denver Broncos on Monday Night Football back in Week 10.

Mangas, who was most recently working as the offensive coordinator across town at the University of Buffalo, is considered a close friend of Joe Brady’s, with the pair having been roommates at different times throughout their careers. The pair played collegiate ball together at William & Mary, which also happens to be the alma mater of head coach Sean McDermott.

Besides being teammates, at which time Brady was noted for assisting Mangas with Pro Day preparations among other things, Mangas and Brady seem to be linked throughout their careers. Both were walk-ons at William & Mary, although Mangas was the one who put up better numbers on the field leading the school in all receiving categories in 2011. But Brady was a champion for his friend, and when he was hired at William & Mary, he convinced Jimmye Laycock to bring Mangas on with him. Then when he was hired as offensive coordinator for LSU, Brady brought his friend on as an assistant, just as he did again while in Carolina as the Panthers’ offensive coordinator. Now, here they are, together again, in Buffalo.

While there is no specific job description other than “offensive assistant” — in fact the Bills haven’t even added Mangas to their official list of staff members on their team website as of yet — it’s easy to assume that if Brady were to be given the chance to remove the term “interim” from his title as offensive coordinator at the conclusion of this season, Mangas will likely have a more specific title added to his.

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