News now: After Packers eliminated Chicago Bears hopes of making…

After Green Bay Packers eliminated Chicago Bears’ hopes of making the playoffs….

The Chicago Bears fan base expressed their excitement on Sunday night about defeating the Green Bay Packers in Week 18. The Bears were officially eliminated from playoff contention with the Packers’ victory over the Minnesota Vikings.


The Bears season hasn’t progressed as many supporters had anticipated. Before the season began, a lot of Bears supporters boasted that Chicago would be a stronger playoff opponent than the Packers. Even with a young, ailing team, Jordan Love’s play has been sufficient to move the Packers within one game of the postseason.

The season began with the Packers crushing the Bears 38-20 in Chicago. The Bears seemed stunned by that game following a hopeful offseason. Next Sunday afternoon in Green Bay, they ought to be able to handle the bears.

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