Just in: Packers Star Aaron Jones Fires Strong Message Ahead of….

Green Bay Packers Star Aaron Jones Fires Strong Message Ahead of Playoffs.

The Green Bay Packers’ preparation for their upcoming NFL Wild Card Round showdown against the Dallas Cowboys is now in full swing. The Cowboys come into the game as the favorites to advance to the next round, but you can be sure that the Packers aren’t going to go quietly into the night.

They’ve done a remarkable job of fighting their way to a playoff spot so at this point, they might as well make the most out of it.

Aaron Jones Gave Green Bay Packers a Major Boost

It’s no coincidence that the Packers went on their winning streak right about the same time Aaron Jones got his form back. There was some fear surrounding the Pro Bowl running back’s season after he suffered a devastating knee injury in mid-November. At that point, there was some real fear that Jones was done for the year.

You have to give this man a lot of credit for even being able to work himself back into the fold after just three games on the sidelines. However, it wasn’t until his massive performance against the Carolina Panthers on Christmas Eve that Jones officially announced his return.

“It wasn’t about showing myself what I can do because I believe in myself and I know what I can do,” Jones said, via Mike Spofford of the team website. “It was just about showing everybody else who hadn’t seen it or hadn’t seen it for a couple of weeks. That was the biggest thing. And then just helping my team.”

With Jones missing so many games throughout the regular season, some folks believe that this could be beneficial for both the 29-year-old RB and the Packers. Jones, however, was quick to play down the narrative that his injury layoffs this season have left him fresher entering the playoffs:

“Naw, the postseason’s the postseason,” Jones said. “You’re going to get amped up. You’re going to rise to that. I’m just excited to be in the postseason, ready to grind.

“I feel like I’ve gotten back healthy and been able to show what I can do, kind of how I started the season. Just looking to continue to build off that momentum.”

Aaron Jones, Green Bay Packers

It all starts on Sunday against the Cowboys in what Jones and the Packers are hoping will not be their final game of the season.

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