A Jet per report: Aaron Rodgers is under a contract of $1.8 million to $17.5 million, with Vegas Raiders to deal Adams this offseason,

Aaron Rodgers is trying to lure Raiders star Davante Adams to the Jets, per report.


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Aaron Rodgers is hoping to return in full force for the New York Jets in 2024. The quarterback is also hoping to bring an old friend with him, according to NFL Media, attempting to lure Las Vegas Raiders wide receiver Davante Adams to New Jersey.

Rodgers has been trying to recruit Adams, Ian Rapoport reported Sunday, as the Jets “kind of made a run at (Adams) this past year. There was nothing there.” But they’re expected to try again this offseason.

The Raiders, however, “want to win, believe they can (win) and have zero plans to trade” Adams, per Rapoport. The former Green Bay Packers star, who spent eight years playing with Rodgers, is under contract with Vegas through 2026. Were the Raiders to deal Adams this offseason, they could immediately save anywhere from $1.8 million to $17.5 million, depending on when a trade concurred.

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