DONE: Green Bay Packers make an unexpected move by signing an undrafted free agent….

Green Bay Packers Sign Surprising signing un-drafted free agent.

The Green Bay Packers made significant strides in shoring up areas of weakness during the 2024 NFL draft, particularly focusing on the offensive line and defense. Out of their 11 draft picks, nine were allocated to bolster these key categories. As is customary, numerous undrafted free agents swiftly signed with teams following the draft’s conclusion.

This year, the Packers made an unexpected move by signing a former Wisconsin Badgers player. According to reporter Tom Silverstein, UW Badgers LS Peter Bowden inked a deal with the Packers as an undrafted free agent.

Special teams performance has been a focal point for the Packers, with Rich Bisaccia serving as the team’s special teams coordinator. Despite Bisaccia’s appointment as the NFL’s highest-paid special teams coordinator in February 2022, the unit’s performance has not met expectations.

Rick Gosselin’s special teams rankings placed the Packers at 29th in 2023, following a 22nd ranking in 2022. This perpetuates a troubling trend for the Packers, who have ranked at the bottom of special teams rankings five times in the past two decades and have consistently fallen between 26th and 31st in recent years.


The Packers are hoping their 2024 NFL Draft class leads them to the top of the NFC North.

The Green Bay Packers had the youngest roster in the NFL a year ago. They were turning the page from the Aaron Rodgers era and shifted to building around Jordan Love. That didn’t stop them from not only making the playoffs, but winning a game and pushing the San Francisco 49ers to the limit. Green Bay got there in large part to a fruitful 2023 draft that focused heavily on offense.

The Packers hope to replicate that success on the defensive side of the ball. Green Bay prioritized defense early and often in the 2024 NFL Draft. They made 12 selections over the weekend with four of those first six picks going towards defense.

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