GREEN BAY SAD NEWS : JORDAN LOVE lost his junior brother in an automobile accident (RIP) …

I learned while at work today that my 30-year-old brother passed away early this morning. Though he was my half-brother, he was undeniably my brother in every sense. His life was tragically cut short in an accident—a collision between his motorcycle and another vehicle, allegedly due to the other driver running a red light (though I cannot confirm this). My brother was a radiant soul. Always wearing a smile and sharing jokes, his heart overflowed with kindness. He treated everyone with warmth and love, and he was beloved by all who knew him. He eagerly extended his hand to those in need and actively contributed to our community. The last time I spent with him was memorable, but I wish I had more time. I recall fondly the moments in our grandmother’s kitchen when he taught me how to throw punches with precision. Life with him was never dull; his hugs were comforting, and his dedication to fitness and various talents were remarkable. His final social media post outlined the cycling route he planned to take—a testament to his passion for athleticism. As a national athlete representing our Caribbean nation in Australia and beyond, he had much left to accomplish and enjoy. I regret not engaging with him more online, not responding to every message, no matter how trivial. My heart aches at the thought of his final moments and the pain he endured. It’s excruciating to envision him lying motionless, to know I’ll never receive another message from him, nor his comforting replies. He was the epitome of goodness, and his absence leaves an indelible void. His presence always brought me joy, and his absence will be keenly felt. He profoundly impacted my life and the lives of many others. It was an honor to have him as a brother. Bram, I will miss you dearly. Rest in peace.

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