Celtic FC Women : contract signs by Lucy Ashworth-Clifford for extension of…..

That’s fantastic news for Lucy Ashworth-Clifford and Celtic FC Women! Securing her future at the club until 2025 shows a commitment from both sides and speaks to her value to the team. I hope this contract brings her continued success and growth in her career with Celtic FC Women.

It sounds like Lucy Ashworth-Clifford made quite an impact despite the setback of her ACL injury. Being named the SWPL Player of the Month early on and becoming a first pick for Fran Alonso speaks volumes about her talent and potential. And scoring a goal from the halfway line is no small feat! It’s great to see her resilience and popularity among the supporters. Hopefully, with her new contract, she’ll be able to continue making valuable contributions to Celtic FC Women’s success on the field.

Lucy Ashworth-Clifford’s journey back to the pitch after her ACL injury is truly commendable. It’s great to hear that she has performed well since her return and has become a key player in Elena Sadiku’s plans. Scoring the opening goal on the Ghirls’ return to Paradise must have been a special moment for her and the team.

In the dynamic landscape of women’s football, player movement and contract durations can indeed vary. However, it sounds like there’s something special brewing at Celtic under Elena Sadiku’s guidance, which could potentially influence players like Lucy to consider longer stays. When players feel a strong connection to the team and coach, they’re more likely to commit for the long term.

It’ll be exciting to see how Lucy’s career unfolds at Celtic and whether she decides to extend her stay beyond her current contract. With her talent and dedication, she’s undoubtedly an asset to the team.

Elena Sadiku recently told The Celtic Star that she has identified the players she’d like to bring to the club this summer to strength the squad further so it’s exciting times for Celtic FC Women.

Lucy is one of the two players who have extended their time with Celtic recently as Amy Gallacher also signed a new three year deal, taking her through to 2027, just last week.

Expect Lucy and Amy Gallacher, who has been training this week after her injury, to start against theRangers at Hampden tomorrow lunchtime in the Women’s Scottish Cup semi-final.

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