LATEST NEWS: Max Verstappen has admitted that while he would have preferred Adrian Newey to remain with Red Bull Racing…

Max Verstappen has acknowledged his preference for Adrian Newey to continue his tenure with Red Bull Racing but has expressed acceptance rather than disappointment at Newey’s decision to depart. The announcement of Newey’s departure in the first quarter of 2025 marks the conclusion of a lengthy 19-year association with, characterized by a remarkable tally of over 115 race victories and 13 championships.

Speculation surrounding Newey’s future had been circulating for some time, with negotiations reportedly requiring concessions from Red Bull Racing’s team principal, Max Verstappen, to retain Newey’s services in his current capacity. Despite securing a contract extension just a year prior, Newey, at 65 years of age, has now deemed it appropriate to pursue a change.

Although Newey will remain at the Milton Keynes headquarters for the remainder of 2024, his responsibilities will primarily revolve around the RB17 hypercar project as he gradually transitions away from the Formula 1 program.

Verstappen has voiced understanding regarding Newey’s departure, emphasizing the importance of Newey’s personal fulfillment and desire for new challenges. While Verstappen acknowledges his desire for Newey to remain with the team, he emphasizes Newey’s significant contributions over the years, indicating gratitude for his past achievements.

Verstappen has also downplayed the potential impact of Newey’s departure, suggesting that while Newey’s expertise is undeniable, he is but one prominent figure within a broader technical team. This viewpoint suggests a confidence in the collective capabilities of the team beyond any individual member, highlighting the depth of talent within the organization.

In essence, while Verstappen would have preferred Newey’s continued presence at Red Bull Racing, he respects Newey’s decision to pursue new opportunities. Verstappen’s sentiments reflect a balanced perspective, acknowledging Newey’s invaluable contributions while maintaining confidence in the team’s ability to navigate this transition effectively.

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