SAD NEWS : Joe Hart gives Celtic a Martin Dubravka possible transfer….

Former Celtic goalkeeper Joe Hart has criticized Slovakia’s goalkeeper Martin Dubravka for his performance against Ukraine, which might serve as a cautionary note for Hart’s former team. Hart, who retired at the end of last season, left a vacancy that Celtic is eager to fill. Among the top candidates to replace him is 35-year-old Dubravka, who is under consideration by Celtic manager Brendan Rodgers.

However, Rodgers may now have reservations following Dubravka’s display in Slovakia’s Euro 2024 loss to Ukraine, where they were defeated 2-1 with Roman Yaremchuk scoring the decisive goal. This performance could influence Celtic’s decision-making as they seek a reliable new No. 1 goalkeeper.

Hart was quick to criticize the Slovak goalkeeper, breaking the usual solidarity among goalkeepers. He pinpointed areas where Dubravka could have improved to help Slovakia secure an essential point in their pursuit of advancing to the knockout stage. Commenting on the goal during a BBC interview, Hart remarked, “Dubravka’s got to wait to see what he does, whether he can come and claim it if the touch is big.”

By abandoning the goalkeepers’ union, Hart highlighted Dubravka’s misjudgments, suggesting he should have been more patient to determine if he could intercept the ball. This critique underscores the pressure on Dubravka and may influence Celtic’s evaluation as they search for a reliable replacement for their former goalkeeper.

Hart continued his criticism, noting, “That’s a great touch, but Dubravka is going to be really disappointed with what happened next. Once the ball is brought down, it is 80-20 in his favor if he stands big or makes a long barrier, but he ends up doing nothing really and he actually looks quite worried that the ball could hit him. He’s going to be very disappointed.


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